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How many employees work at your organization? What roles do they play? How do they communicate? The first step toward an AI driven, distributed enterprise is to gather requirements for creating a base of smart software components that other software can be built on.

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  • Enterprise cloud redefined

    Democratic cloud
  • Object on-demand service

    World wide distribution
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AtomDrive enables users to impose semantic structures from top down, making it possible to share personalized hierarchical information as reusable objects while still able to enrich them from below with ever expanding capabilities of modern web technology.

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  • Sharing revolutionized

    Hierarchical information
  • Packets of capabilities

    Highly extensible
  • Open participation

    By anyone, for everyone


By encapsulating subject expertise into objects, participants can pick and choose from a repository of shared objects and assemble them into other objects, editors, or end applications.

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  • Object composition

    Create nested objects
  • Behavior delegation

    Modifiable on the fly
  • Behavior grouping

    Aggregate reuse
  • Standard driven

    Unified Modeling Language
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AtomDrive, as a distributed object framework, serves as the fundation for smart software agents - software automatically generated from shared objects to complete a task. AtomDrive apps can be published to all major desktop and mobile platforms.

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  • Cascading cache

    Minimizes object load time
  • Distributed applications

    With dependency graph
  • Major platforms

    Desktop and Mobile
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