A Brave New Web: Web Of Objects

oTakhi Platform  empowers you to transform the world wide web of, often siloed and disjointed, HTML pages into personal library of reusable, sharable, cooperating software objects.  It is a revolutionary new way for you to rewire and reprogram the web according to your personal preference. Following a top-down object-oriented design pattern and with simple drag and drop operations, you can visually encapsulate rich variety of low-level HTML5 elements into useful semantic objects — people-friendly software components that you can share with world-wide audience to collaborate on the next generation of cloud applications, in our global communal environment.

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oTakhi Platform is a community  for sharing cloud objects and applications hosted by our global repository and high-performance Content Distribution Network (CDN).

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oTakhi Platform is an object-oriented software design framework  for creating web applications and 3D games by simply mixing and combining reusable objects and 3rd party web services in the cloud.

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Drag and Drop Import

Import popular 3D mesh formats (DAE, OBJ, and Three.js) using simple drag-n-drop.


Support path, morph, and skeletal animations.


Perform newtonian dynamic simulation including gravity, mass, force, velocity, and acceleration.


Up to 5 types of joints can be used to connect meshes.

3D Web Audio

Attach sound track to moving meshes to create 3D positional sound effect.


Portable material library. Create once and use everywhere.


Extensive set of post-processing effects. Apply effects to scene statically or dynamically.

Particle System

Powerful particle system. Visually sculpting particles' behavior. Particle emits other particles.


oTakhi Platform is a tool  for building objects and apps by simply drag and dropping from a set of pre-built widgets called molecules.  Javascript coding is strictly optional.

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oTakhi Platform is an infrastructure  that provides the underlying security services for protecting cross-domain object sharing, including member authentication, object encryption and access control.

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